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Winax Miner - Alpha Version

Winmax Miner - Premium Key

This will allow you to use a withdraw from the winmax miner software for free in 31 days and after that, you need to re-purchase the key.

Total: $269.77

1. Go to your wallet.

2. Send $269.77.95 BTC (in one payment) to the address below. If you send any amount to the below address the system will ignore it and roll-back.

3. After a successful payment. A form will appear and enter your email address. Email us for information.


Send exactly $384.95 to the below bitcoin address.


Waiting payment from you

Comments and Testimonies

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my name is james and will like to know if I could withdraw multiple times with the alpha version... I just purchased the alpha and am soo happy to try it and wow am the first to comment on here hehe

Thnx you for the alpha version. i got mine and just withdraw my first mine. click here to see proof. [image here]

am here to say am sorry for saying bad things about winmax software. i take my word back. thank you for the software withdraw successfully in my account instantly. still mining and hope to do more business with you guys

premium key is good but alpha is the best. mine fast. withdraw in less than seconds and holds no one back

watched your video on youtube and i was impressed. am yet to buy your software and try it out. thank you

the wait is over. i can not mine over 1.43 BTC in one week without no problem..... please reply your email.... my friends want to buy the whole company or do bussiness with you. email me fast i will email you again with the subject. business offer or share holders. I really appreciate your work you are doing for the youth and everyone who loves bitcoin

it works 100%

i love you guys. can I get free alpha version plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

why do i have to buy the alpha version whiles i can mine for free with your free account but thinking of it. i have to pay mining fees every time i want to withdraw and that sucks. am coming for the alpha version tomorrow.


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Winmax Miner is a powerful and working bitcoin mining software that allows you to use your unused power to mine bitcoin and withdraw

in terms. You can allow the winmax miner to mine the whole day.