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A powerful bitcoin software that collected drops of bitcoins from cloud mining every second and converted into bitcoin script.

We currently operating on Windows for now and later on iMac and Linux, click here                  Windows

How Bitcoin Grabber works.

Our software takes drops from could mining and mining farms and convert it into scripts and our software converts it back into bitcoin without

any withdrawal fees and network fees

Millions of Cloud mining runs every

single second

We pick up the drops that goes to waste whiles mining with could

Then convert the drops into scripts of code to easily configure with our software

After, you use the script on the software to generate blockchains for a successful withdrawal

Bitcoin Grabber Scripts

Get your bitcoin grabber script below

41848          Poolin 4X of all blocks          China                    0.00952 BTC to 0.632 BTC          Public          75% Live

$322 Buy Now

86330          F2pool 2X of all blocks          China                    0.02300 BTC to 0.432 BTC          Private          91% Live

$196 Buy Now

20209          BTC.com 12X of all blocks     China                    0.65232 BTC to 4.230 BTC          Private          98% Live

$956 Buy Now

478225         Antpool 3X of all blocks        China                    0.632 BTC                                      Public          78% Live

$521 Buy Now

403933          Bitfury 2X of all blocks         Anonymous          0.0771 BTC to 0.632 BTC              Private        48% Live

$177 Buy Now

41846            BitBit 4X of all blocks           China                   0.01152 BTC to 0.838 BTC             Public          75% Live

$205 Buy Now

907553          Poolin 4X of all blocks          China                  0.72 BTC to 1.205 BTC                    Public         100% Live

Sold Out

777200          Poolin 7X of all blocks          China                   0.00952 BTC to 0.632 BTC             Public          65% Live

$388 Buy Now

To get help or a customize script. Kindly email us

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