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Winmax Miner - FAQ


Follow these questions and understand why your software its giving error or find out what users frequently ask and our honest answers.

Question: Is Winmax Miner software free to download and mine?

Answer: Yes.


Question: Can I withdraw from a Free Account on Winmax Miner?

Answer: Yes. Free account requires mining fees for a successful withdrawal [Read more]


Question: Can my mine bitcoin pay mining fee?

Answer: No. Because mining fees are used to generate your mined bitcoin for a successful withdrawal.


Question: What with the withdrawal limit on Winmax Miner?

Answer: It doesn't have withdrawal limits.


Question: Why Winmax Miner mine so fast?

Answer: Winmax Miner software is mining direct from an in mining pool network (private)


Question: Can I run Winmax Miner on my smart phone?

Answer: Not yet. We are developing a mobile version and we will launch it soon.


Question: Why my software gives error when I start mining?

Answer: Its because your system or RAM doesn't support mining from our software. You need a new PC to run and mine Winmax Miner.


Question: How long can I use Winmax Miner Premium + Key?

Answer: For 31 days, and you only have 2x to withdraw in 24 hours.


Question: What is Winmax Miner alpha version?

Answer: Its an all in one powerful mining software that you will total control of forever. No mining fees, No premium key for 31 days. You do what you want with the software. Unlimited withdrawal.


Question: Can mining fees be refunded?

Answer: Yes. Email us and we will forward our refund policy link.





















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Winmax Miner is a powerful and working bitcoin mining software that allows you to use your unused power to mine bitcoin and withdraw

in terms. You can allow the winmax miner to mine the whole day.